From the Shores of Tripoli

Reports from Moscow announce that Russian Ambassador to Libya Vladimir Chamov has been dismissed.   Not “recalled”  –dismissed.

In the absence of further information, Lunghu is left to wonder this has anything to do with recorded conversations between Ambassador Chamov and members of the Gaddafi family.   Maybe there were certain bank records and wire transfers that might suggest to uncharitable observers that Amb. Chamov did not always have the interests of the Russian Federation uppermost in his heart.   Or perhaps there was lingering doubt about his past performance as Ambassador to Iraq during 2005 and beyond.  It’s easy to pick up bad habits in a dusty desert oil capital … or two.

One wonders, too, about that missing Russian veto when the Security Council resolution on the Libyan no-fly zone came to a vote.   Some dots are never meant to be connected.   Sometimes they’re just dots.

Lunghu is certain of one thing, though:  the next conversation between two Vladimirs will be a lot more uncomfortable than the one pictured below.




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