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Lunghu wants to know:   howza guy supposed to evaluate the finer points of Hyundai’s latest Euro-styled automotive technology when gorgeous Swiss spokesmodels are standing around in shiny little black dresses, perched on 5″ stiletto heels?   No need to actually answer that question –it was strictly rhetorical.

source: Hyundai Motors

Meanwhile, somewhere south of Geneva…

If you can’t wait until September to watch traditional-style rowing in the lagoon and canals of Venice, plan to spend your Pentecost Sunday (June 12th) in La Serenissima viewing the spectacle that is the Vogalonga.


Vogalonga was born in 1974 as a regatta between friends in “mascareta” (light and narrow boats for 1 to 4 oarsmen, measuring between 6 and 8 meters long) on St. Martin’s Day.  At the time, passionate Venetian oarsmen were far from numerous, in a world increasingly oriented towards the internal combustion engine.  Thus was born the idea of a regatta without competition, in the purest Venetian tradition, in order to link all people who wanted to fight against the degradation of the city caused by motorboat wakes.  And so the adventure of Vogalonga was begun spontaneously, a course of 30 km through the canals and the most picturesque sections of the lagoon city.

It’s no more likely that I’ll be in Venice on June 12 than it is that I’ll be there in September, but ya nevah know.

You got to have a dream/
if you don’t have a dream/
how you gonna have a dream-come-true?
Dizzee Rascal


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