Splitting Hares

Well, for better or worse it is now “officially” the Year of the Rabbit.   As far as Lunghu is concerned, one of the Rabbit’s best features is that s/he immediately precedes the Dragon in the cycle of animals.   If you’ve been eagerly/anxiously awaiting the closure of the Mayan calendar cycle in December 2012, you’ll be interested to know that it will also be a Dragon Year.

As he did last year, Lunghu is providing a crucial public service by publishing a compendium of feng-shui masters’ forecasts for YoR:  these predictions are culled from their on-the-record statements, as quoted in various news media outlets.   This year, we have eight (8) [a lucky number!] feng-shui specialists to choose from.   There is partial overlap from last year’s list of soothsayers, but two guys didn’t make the mass-media cut this time around.   Yap Boh Chu and Chow Hon-ming were not quoted in the English-language wire service press in recent weeks.   Perhaps their mixed track record last year had something to do with that (see Lunghu’s previous post).


Name [Based in:] News Outlet Prediction(s) quoted:
Raymond Lo [HK]
“feng-shui consultant”
AP-1 Steve Jobs’ health will decline, Mark Zuckerberg will [continue to] prosper.
Raymond Lo [HK]
“feng-shui consultant”
AP-2 The combination of a metal year and a wood-element animal [Rabbit] will bring conflict
People negatively affected by aspects of the Rabbit Year can try wearing a dog pendant to improve their luck:  the dog & rabbit are complementary animals.
Raymond Lo [HK]
“feng-shui master”
Reuters YoR is characterized by youth, motion & activity
There will be many sex scandals and extramarital affairs
Youth will demand change & reforms.
Tsai Shang-chi [Taiwan]
“Lo’s colleague”
AP-2 YoR brings lots of negative energy: the West “will be prone to more terrorist attacks;” in Asia serious tensions in Korea will not lead to an outbreak of war.
People negatively affected by aspects of the Rabbit Year can try wearing yellow and/or white clothing to improve their luck.
Anthony Cheng [HK]
AFP Lots of sex:  many extramarital affairs & May-December relationships
Serious accidents involving trains, fires, building, & bridges collapsing in Korea, India, Pakistan & Africa
Violent earthquakes in Russia & Inner Mongolia
Alion Yeo Tin-ming
“feng-shui master”
China Daily YoR is ”difficult to read.”
Economic conflicts between China & US will intensify.
A “money tsunami” will bring an influx of hot money to Korea & Japan, causing distortion in their economies.
Earthquakes will strike the US.
There will be a [technical] breakdown in the internet.
Alion Yeo [unspecified]
AFP Severe weather extremes: from very cold to very hot
Natural disasters will afflict Taiwan, US & Canada
Peter So [HK]
AFP North Korea will experience a serious outbreak of epidemic disease
Hu Jin-tao will succeed in most endeavors, Barack Obama only in a few.
Peter So [HK]
AP-2 Tensions between China & US will persist
Rev Yong [Malaysia]
AP-2 There will be severe flooding in many parts of the world.
A serious earthquake will strike Japan.
There will be outbreaks of “worrisome new diseases.”
“world conflicts”
Chan Wei-chung [Taiwan]
Reuters Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt will experience relationship problems.
Philip Chow [HK]
“shipping analyst & feng-shui master”
China Daily Chow offers a month-by-month prediction of HK stock market index trends, trending upward overall beginning in the summer.
“Wood” industries will do poorly:  [construction & building materials]
“Metal” industries will do well:  [telecom, petrochemicals, utilities], as will “water” industries: [financials and gaming stocks].
Philip Chow [HK] AP-1 “It will be a zigzag [Hang Seng] market.”


Lunghu is still reflecting deeply on his own predictions for the Year of the Rabbit. Since his methodology doesn’t rely on feng-shui principles, it’s not quite as straightforward as (re)aligning the 5 Elements, 10 Celestial Stems, and 12 Heavenly Branches. Not quite so systematic, but often just as effective.

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