White Sea Russian

Recently I dreamed another one of those Russian dreams.   Boats were involved, but no rowing.   It was springtime (How could I tell?  No ice.), and V.V. Putin was enjoying himself by zipping around a large lake or bay in his sporty, double-ended, steel-hulled, white-and-blue speedboat.   Dimi Medvedev and others were watching from the dock.   Eventually, Putin returned to the marina, moored the boat to the wharf, and went off to lunch with his entourage.

Credit: Google

When the dignitaries had left, I noticed that there were signs of a collision at the boat’s bow (or was it the stern?  It was a double-ender, after all), where the steel was crumpled and gashed.   As I watched, the boat slowly filled with water and sank on its moorings in the clear, shallow dockside water.   Nobody seemed too disturbed about it, but just got on with the business of refloating and repairing the hull.

In light of some previous occurrences, I wonder what the future might hold for the Александр Невский,  Юрий Долгорукий, or Северодвинск at СевМаш.

Credit:  kremlin.ru

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