Januari Töa

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark if Sweden experiences its January Thaw when the eastern United States is still locked in winter’s icy embrace.

“Warmer temperatures have caused slippery conditions on roads in some parts of Sweden, [while] roads have been flooded by melting snow and ice in other areas, primarily in Halland and västra Götaland in western and southern Sweden.”

In stark contrast, that portion of the globe once (briefly) known as New Sweden is expecting a further 6-to-10 inches of snow:  its third snowfall in five days.   It doesn’t seem likely that this area of the country will finally see its own January Thaw until at least the third week of the month  –if at all.   Lunghu doesn’t really mind the winter cold  –particularly since he’d earlier predicted that this winter would be a cold ‘un–  but he’s not happy about the frequent snow since his prediction also forecast a-not-especially-snowy 2010/2011 season.   Oh well, it’s good for the winter wheat.   Planted acreage is up nine percent and there should be a bumper crop this spring.   Business will be good for John Deere.



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