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Lunghu is intrigued by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s choice of Christmas Eve attire.   President Chavez is customarily seen at public events wearing either military-style fatigues or a red shirt of some kind.   So what does it mean when he does a meet-and-greet wearing a blue-and-gold outfit, sporting a ballcap prominently emblazoned with the letter “M”?   Yes, we all know that the three colors of the Venezuelan flag are (in ascending order) red, blue and gold.   But is there another message here?

"She's wearing red, so I don't have to."

Lunghu thinks there is, because the garb that Chavez is wearing is warmup(!) gear for the LVBP team Navegantes de Magallanes.   Like many Venezuelans, Chavez is a huge beisbol fan, and the Venezuelan pro league season is approaching its all-important January championship playoff rounds.   Lunghu has no idea how well NdM has been doing this season, but (like any canny politician) it’s unlikely that Chavez is backing a second-division team.   The fact that NdM is based in Valencia hasn’t been lost on Lunghu either.

“Valencia is the third largest city of Venezuela and the capital city of Carabobo State.   Valencia is an economic hub where many of Venezuela’s top industries and manufacturing companies are located.”

Besides being the birthplace and hometown of NY Yankees catcher Francisco Cervelli, it is also (not surprisingly) a twin city of Valencia, Spain.

Is Hugo sending a message?   Lunghu thinks so.

Or maybe it’s just that one of the players on NdM’s outfield roster is named Yohermyn Chavez.

Interesting choice of heraldic emblems on the Valencia city shield ...


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