Keepin’ ‘Em Pearly

Look, it’s not quite the tap-dancing scene from ‘Young Frankenstein,’ but the revanchist decadent bourgeois Western press [OK, OK at some point reinforcement of a concept edges over into redundancy, Lunghu will admit] still appears to be over-reacting to the spectacle of Comrade Bear performing at the grand piano.

Unfortunately, several news outlets mistakenly attributed Putin’s song choice (‘Blueberry Hill‘) to Louis Armstrong, rather than to its true creators, the Tin Pan Alley trio of Vincent Rose, Al Lewis and Larry Stock.   By far the most famous version of this song (most likely the one heard by a youthful Comrade Bearcub) was Antoine Dominique ‘Fats’ Domino’s 1956 classic recording.   Let’s review:  Satchmo = trumpeter,  Fats = pianist.   Yes, they’re both from Nawlins.

In any event, Lunghu believes that if Comrade Bear were to choose from the Armstrong oeuvre, Satchmo’s rendition of Brecht’s ‘Mack the Knife’ would be a far more apt selection.

In related news, and speaking of choices:

Having carefully considered all the choices submitted by fellow citizens via the Internet, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin decided to call his Bulgarian shepherd Buffy, as advised by a young Muscovite. … Five-year-old Dima Sokolov proposed the name that Putin liked best.    Buffy had been presented to Putin as a gift by Bulgaria’s prime minister Boyko Borissov during a recent trade development junket.

The prime minister said that he received quite a lot of suggestions, but Dima’s one was the best among them.   Putin added that he also loved the name Balkan, which stems half from the traditional Russian dog name Polkan and half from the Balkans.

Lunghu considers this to be fair warning:  Vampires and Albanians, beware!

In the foyer at Novo-Ogarevo


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