You Don’t Know Dick

Lunghu does not believe there is any basis for the persistent rumors that former VP Dick Cheney has gone into hiding to avoid being nabbed on a Nigerian arrest warrant and an Interpol red notice.   Sure, Femi Babafemi of Nigeria’s Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has said, “it’s true [Cheney will be charged] … definitely.

Godwin Obla, prosecuting counsel at the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, said charges will be filed against current and former chief executive officers of Halliburton, including Cheney, who was CEO from 1995 to 2000, and its former unit KBR Inc., based in Houston, Texas; Technip SA, Europe’s second-largest oilfield-services provider; Eni SpA, Italy’s biggest oil company; and Saipem Construction Co., a unit of Eni.

But that doesn’t mean that Dick is gonna cut and run … or does it?

Certainly, the next-to-last place anyone would look for Dick Cheney is the Evil Empire itself –which is exactly why it would make the perfect rabbit hole to scurry down [down which to scurry? No.] until the dust settles.   Oh, wait.  That might have been a poor choice of words:

The Rostovskaya Investigative Committee reported that a hunter in the region faces two years in prison for accidentally killing his friend … instead of a hare he had been trying to shoot.   The two men, whose names were withheld, were driving when they spotted the hare.  The hunter asked his friend to stop the vehicle, but then tried to get out before the car stopped, stumbled and discharged his shotgun inside the automobile, killing the driver on the spot.

Lunghu smells a coverup:  why won’t Russian authorities disclose the names of those involved?   And has anyone actually seen Harry Whittington recently?

Rostovskaya in summer


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