Burning Bright

News from Thailand that Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva will not attend the Global Tiger Initiative summit conference in St. Petersburg (Russia) during the week of November 21st.   Lunghu thinks that this is a wise decision, despite the assertion by government spokesman Panithan Wattanayakorn that the change of plans “has nothing to do with the extradition of accused arms smuggler Viktor Bout.”   Instead of the PM, Natural Resources and Environment Minister Suwit Khunkitti will attend the summit.

Lunghu thinks it would be a good idea if the Thai aircraft carrying Minister Suwit to  St. Petersburg did not rely on GPS navigation while in Russian airspace, and under no circumstances should the plane attempt to land in Smolensk –no matter what.

“Your bootlace has come undone. Careful you don’t trip and fall.”


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