Roo the Day

Just like everyone else, Lunghu believes that he has a sense of humor.   Reasonable men may differ on this point, mileage may vary, side effects may include dizziness, shortness of breath, etc., but Lunghu likes a good joke just like just about everybody else.   However, Lunghu has a difficult time remembering jokes so that he can re-tell them at socially appropriate moments.   In fact, apart from the ones that Lunghu tells in his dreams, he can only remember three jokes.   Quips, on the other hand, are definitely a different matter.

Lunghu’s repertoire of three jokes is family-friendly and religion/political-neutral.  Only one is actually corny, and the other two involve the lighter side of money.  So what are the chances that any one of these few jokes would actually find a real-world echo in a news-oddity story?   Pretty good, it would seem.   Here’s Lunghu’s joke # 1:

A kangaroo hops into a bar, jumps on a barstool, pulls a $20 bill out of his pouch and slaps it on the bar, saying, “I’ll have a beer, please.”
The bartender picks up the bill, walks to the till without a word, rings up the sale, and returns to pour a frosty mug of draft beer, which he places in front of the kangaroo.   At that point, the bartender remarks, “You know, we don’t get too many kangaroos in here.”
The kangaroo replies, “At these prices, I’m not surprised.”

If you imagine the dialog taking place in an Australian accent, the joke may be just a bit funnier.



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  1. iago68 Says:

    Yeah…but what I need is a good yuan joke….

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