Lunghu does not have a Facebook page, and Lunghu does not tweet on Twitter.  He just has this blog, which almost no one reads.   A small audience, but a very select and self-selecting one.  Nor, malheureusement, is Lunghu French.   All of which makes it very unlikely that Lunghu will fall prey to the perils that so concern M. Frederic Pechenard.

In particular, those [police personnel] with secret defense clearance “by being on social networks are exposing themselves to possible approaches by foreign intelligence agencies.  Detailing aspects of their personal and professional lives. … is liable to expose those concerned to malicious acts because of their profession (and) could damage their reputation as well as that of the police,” Pechenard wrote [in an internal memo to French police commanders].

Lunghu feels he need not be unduly worried, despite the fact that he might very well be vulnerable to potential honeytrap operations staged by the intelligence services of Norway, Sweden, France (and possibly the Netherlands).   Give it a try, and see how things work out.   Just remember, Lunghu deals with false-flag recruitment attempts very harshly.   Consider yourselves forewarned.



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