Adroit … or Gauche?

Seeking to improve his electoral prospects for re-election in 2012, Nicholas Sarkozy has shifted various ministerial derrières to new seats within the French cabinet.  Kouchner and Borloo are out, Fillon, Lagarde, Juppé and Alliot-Marie are in-likeFlynnDelon.   Conventional wisdom among the talking têtes who opine/bloviate/pontificate about such matters (in the elite media only, of course) is that Sarkozy is dumping the centrists and token lefties who acted as bi-partisan window dressing during the early years of his term, and is now moving further toward the right in an attempt to once again pre-empt the Front National on its own turf.   This was the strategy that secured his election to the Presidency in the first place, so why not give it another shot?   So goes the story line among these blitherati.

Predictably, Lunghu has a slightly different take on these matters.   In Lunghu’s all-seeing eyes, this cabinet reshuffle reveals a deeper truth –a reallocation/redistribution of spoils entre les trois éminence grises de la société française:  Grande Loge de France, Grande Loge National Française, and Grande Orient de France.   In this three-way scramble to carve up the pâtissierie, the GOdF has come away with the smallest slice, while GLNF has grabbed the rooster’s share with the help of their (temporary?) allies in GLdF.   GOdF still has the IMF, the Outre-Mer and assorted crumbs in international trade, but will be playing a distinct second fiddle in defense, finance, transport, energy, communications, etc.  Sarkozy’s principal constituency  –GLNF–  is the main beneficiary.

Is this analysis far, far off the mark?   Has Lunghu got some minor (or major) details completely wrong?   Will critics pan this gloss?   Be candid.   Enlighten Lunghu: surely we live in the best of all possible worlds.

The striped, multi-color button on Juppé's lapel can be read either as "Bx" (for Bordeaux) or "13X" (meaning something altogether different).

How many jewels in that brooch on her lapel? We need a better angle.



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