Son-of-Tangun meets Baby Bear

Really, can it get any better than this?   Last week Lunghu was jokin’ around about Vladimir Putin’s black eye (not ordinarily a joking matter).   This week, self-connecting dots pop up in Korean media in the form of news that the son of a South Korean naval attache (Admiral Yoon Jong-gu) has been seriously dating Yekaterina Vladimirova for several years.  Until recently …

Boy meets girl

Yoon met Katya at a dance at a Moscow international school in July of 1997.  “It was just coincidence.   I went there with my brother to have some fun, and Katya and her sister [ Mariya Vladimirova (28 April 1985) ] spoke to us first.”

The facial resemblance is striking ...

Boy gets girl

“At first I didn’t know she was Putin’s daughter,” Yoon recalled.   He would eventually spend holidays with the Putins at their dacha.  When Yoon went to the US to attend college, the couple kept in touch by e-mail and phone.

However, their classic k-drama romance now appears to be in trouble:

Boy loses girl

Nov. 1:  “I’ve known Katya for more than 10 years, but I have no marriage plans,” said the son of retired Korean Admiral Yoon Jong-gu.  “I’m only 26 so it’s too early for me to be thinking about marriage.”

Nov. 4Yoon has quit the Moscow office of Samsung Electronics after only a month in the job.   A Samsung spokesman said Wednesday, “He quit voluntarily due to concerns about his personal safety after word spread that he was dating Prime Minister Putin’s daughter Yekaterina Vladimirova.” … “Concerns were raised about possible attacks from terrorist groups,” the spokesman said.

Ah, those pesky Chechens!   Well, maybe not.   Allow Lunghu to suggest another possibility.  Presidential elections are scheduled for 2012 in the Russian Federation:  guess who’ll be running, since the Constitution allows a third, non-consecutive term?   Vladimir Vladimirovich has a core constituency among Russian nationalists, many of whom are also virulent racists.   No chance he’ll risk alienating his base by letting a flower of Russian womanhood be seen in the company of the insidious Yellow Peril.   And marriage?   Out of the question.   It’s all fun and games as long as what happens in the dacha stays in the dacha, but once it’s in the media it’s a whole new hockey game.

So who was on the business end of Vladimir Putin’s black eye?   Lunghu will let the reader be the judge.   For now, it’s not encouraging to hear that …

Yoon told [Chosun Ilbo] by telephone that he is no longer able to talk to Katya Putin, as she appears to have been spirited away to [seclusion].

Girl gets boy

Fortunately, k-dramas always have a happy ending.   After the almost insurmountable obstacles of parental objection are overcome, Sailor Yoon and Katya will eventually have a storybook wedding and live happily ever after.   Just not until the 2012 elections are over.   KBS scriptwriters can’t wait.


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