Ursa Majority

Not so long ago, Lunghu was lamenting the sad fate of Comrade Wolf, whose population has been rapidly diminishing in Finland.   Well, bad news gets worse:   Comrade Bear is teetering on the ropes as well.   Not so very far away from Finland, in the Komi Region of the Russian Federation (that’s Komi with one ‘m’ for those of you unfamiliar with the Roman alphabet), starving bears are exhuming human corpses in a desperate struggle to maintain their requisite pre-hibernation caloric intake.  Russia’s hottest summer on record  –as well as those vast forest fires that never actually occurred–  has severely limited the availability of fish, mushrooms and berries on which bears usually depend for survival.


So, in addition to the 40,000+ Russian humans who are believed to have perished during the season of heat and fire, untold thousands of bears appear doomed to follow.   Not good news for the creature revered as “master of the forest” and “considered to be the embodiment of justice on earth” by generations of Siberian natives.

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RF President Vladimir Putin received unwanted attention yesterday in Kiev when he appeared at a meeting with Ukrainian officials while sporting what appeared to be a black eye.   Although the Eastern European press speculated about the possibility of plastic surgery or a no-holds-barred judo match, no one has yet determined whether a certain Lyudmila Shkrebneva was recently treated and released from a Russian hospital for injuries including contused knuckles and lacerated fingers.




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