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Turkey Club Sandwich

June 1, 2010

Nobody appreciates the opportunity to indulge in gratuitous moral outrage more than I do, but to my mind the most significant news event of the Memorial Day weekend wasn’t Israel’s murderous sadly tragic assault on the Gaza aid flotilla.   Nope, my money is riding on a seriously underreported incident in the same neighborhood:  a ‘terrorist’ rocket attack on the Turkish naval base at Iskenderun near the Syrian border.   Six of our NATO allies died.

Sadly, Turkish news sources in the English language are as scant as hogs in downtown Tel Aviv, so hyperlinks to the particulars aren’t very numerous.   Coverage in Hurriyet Daily News implies (but doesn’t actually assert) that PKK was responsible, but I have my doubts about that.

Instead, with your indulgence, I’ll briefly trespass on the wild-eyed conspiracy theorist/internet honeypot turf of such luminaries as Wayne Madsen in order to provide some savory food for thought.   What if … (it’s a real stretch, I know) the attack on Iskenderun was actually carried out by Israeli naval commandos?   You know, comrades of those guys who so gallantly distinguished themselves in the maritime interdiction operation being carried out not-so-very-far-away at just about the same time.   Why would Israel do such a thing, a relatively sane person might ask.   Well, there are sound tactical and (less sound) strategic reasons for adopting such a risky course of action:

Tactically:  a diversionary attack on the regional base of a military force that might oppose your primary (interdiction) operation is basic military planning procedure.  In the case of a nominal ally, the Eleventh Commandment applies.

Strategically:  As far as the Likud ‘kosher nostra’ (h/t to Madsen) is concerned, an increasingly-Islamicized Turkey is now an ally in name only.   Likud is furious that the Turkey/Brasil Iranian uranium enrichment proposal has undercut US/Israel sanctions efforts in the United Nations.   Turkey’s role in pushing for ‘nuclear-free Middle East’ language in the recent NPT declaration was another straw on the camel’s back.   Finally, Israeli intelligence probably has what it thinks is firm evidence of Turkish military support for –or involvement in– organizing the Gaza aid flotilla.   In the minds of the beleaguered Israeli government (think of their Masada mindset), this means that Turkey –as a friend of Israel’s enemies– is now also an enemy.

Here in the Western Hemisphere, those who know the truth of the matter probably aren’t inclined to speak about it, even to tell me that I’m waaaaaaaay off base.   Maybe it really was just a coincidental PKK attack.   Maybe not.   I dunno; what do the terms of the NATO mutual defense treaty say about US obligations to respond to an attack on a fellow member?

Oh, and what about that nice Jewish boy playing with fireworks and flammable materials in his Queens garage?   Nothing to see here … move along.   No urgent need for another NYC ‘terrorist’ incident is there?   No, not right now.   Have a nice day.