Not What I Had In Mind

A certain well-known news wire service reported today that “A U.S. Geological Service computer at [the agency’s] Berkeley station has mistakenly concluded that the Napa area was hit by a magnitude-5.0 earthquake.”

Lunghu is disconcerted for two reasons:  a] he expected an earthquake, if one actually occurred, to be of magnitude 6 or greater, and b] as the USGS itself concedes, “such inaccurate reports are exceedingly rare in California.”  (As of 1500 PDT April 30th, the fake quake was still showing on USGS’s San Francisco region earthquake map.)

The most plausible explanation for this anomalous event is that USGS’s HAL installation is exhibiting empathy for Lunghu’s apparent dilemma:  the first predicted “threat window” has almost closed, with nothing more severe than your normal, run-of-the-mill mag 2 and mag 3 California ankle-wigglers.  It’s OK, HAL, there are still two weeks to go until mid-May.


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