Casualties of Seasonal Climate Change

During this past weekend (the Ides of March), the Mid-Atlantic states experienced a prolonged and violent rainstorm.  Fueled by ocean energy and warm air from the south, this storm provided a mix of heavy rain and strong winds that combined to cause severe flooding in many areas and felled thousands of trees throughout the region.   The good news  –such as it is–   is that this storm definitively ushered out the winter season and brought spring in its wake.  Temperatures are now peakingin the mid 60’s.

Here are some of the casualties of this abrupt transition in North American seasons:

Power lines bend but don't break in this rare case.

Amazingly, no windows were broken.

Property owners may have a lawsuit vs. the town: note the roots severed by the paving contractor when new curbs were put in a few years ago.


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