Not only has the sun set, it’s midnight for the Empire.

My previous post on homsec issues recalls to mind an email that was circulating in transatlantic financial circles (the London-NYC axis of weasel) last month.   The authors (purportedly based in London) provide their ‘humorous’ versions of security threat levels in NATO and Anzac countries … as they would exist if based solely on national stereotypes.   Britain, France, Germany and Italy receive the most attention.  Spain and Belgium get superficial treatment.   New Zealand and Australia appear almost as an afterthought.   The USA makes a cameo entrance as a reflexively punitive belligerent.

Tellingly, these stereotypes are those of the immediate post-WWII era, and are heavily Anglo-centric in tone.   No BRICs in this wall.   No Dutch, no Scandanavians, no Swiss, no Portuguese, and no Eastern Europeans.   No Japanese or Koreans either.  Certainly, no Africans or Mid-easterners.   If this is the worldview of British bankers, they’re living in a fantasy world, and they’re doomed.   Short the pound sterling, now.


A Sporting Correction/Concession

I’ve briefly adopted the mantle of compassion/other-man’s-shoes in order to acknowledge that the Brit humorists at least deserve credit for knowing the names of nations other than their own, and also for knowing something of those nations’ histories (even if not very much).   I venture to guess at a huge proportion of Americans would lose both legs of that particular parlay bet.

So, which is worse:  a badly distorted understanding of history, or none whatsoever?  Short the dollar, now!

Our Northern Neighbors

It probably hasn’t escaped your attention that some of Britain’s most loyal subjects were also entirely omitted from the catalog of nations listed above.  I refer, of course, to the Canadians.  Scant thanks from the crown for the thousands dead in two World Wars.

To remedy that omission, and since Canada is hosting the 2010 Winter Games, I’ll try to describe their security threat levels in terms that any sportsman can understand, and in a way entirely consistent with my understanding of the appropriate national stereotype:


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  1. sjponeill Says:

    Looking at the Kiwi options, I would say with some certainty that the authors are Australians – as to their geographic location, it is hard to say as Aussies, like cockroaches, can be found anywhere…

    “Sweet”, “Nah, she’ll be right”, “the Government should do something about it” and “Bugger!” would be more accurate for Kiwis…

  2. Kvick Tänkare « Travels with Shiloh Says:

    […] has an amusing chart which riffs off of our brilliant color coded threat advisory system.  How would such a system look […]

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