A Farce in One Act

Dramatis Personae:
hardware shopper
hardware store employee

Scene 1:  [in the nails/screws/bolts aisle]

Me:  [scanning the labels on the slide-out hardware bins]

He:  Can I help you, sir?

Me:  maybe… …I’m looking for setscrews — 8-32 size.  I’m sure they’re in one of these trays here.  [gesture, expansively, to right]

He:  I don’t even know what a setscrew is.

Me:  Then you can’t help me.

He:  [blank look…  …met with a level gaze]

He:  [exit, silently]

Update: Turned out I really needed an M4 (metric) setscrew with .70 thread pitch rather than the 8-32 fractional variety.   I found it.


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  1. iago68 Says:

    Obviously the guy was stunned that someone was still using the english system…

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