January Thaw

For the past week, we’ve been experiencing our annual January thaw –a period in the second or third week of the month during which temperatures rise above freezing into the 40’s (degrees Farenheit).  This is a relatively reliable climatic phenomenon here in the Eastern US, the only uncertainties being when the thaw will start and how long the (slightly) warmer spell will last.  Our 2010 iteration looks like it will clock in at about seven days:  a return to the low 30’s (with freezing rain/sleet/snow) is forecast for the night of the 21st.

For rowers, this is a welcome hint, a faint harbinger of spring, which is really just about two months away.  Although the lake is now ice-free, it probably won’t be so for long.  February is often the coldest winter month here, and in 2009 the lake refroze long and hard enough to permit skating after St. Valentine’s Day.  Let’s line up the ergs out on the ice and row down to the dam at the north end!

The January Thaw (at least the ‘thaw’ part of it) also has personal significance for me.  Although I didn’t realize it until last year, thawing is a big part of why I began rowing a long time ago, and why I continue to row today.   It all began with the Norse language. . . . .

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